How LCAPca Works


Using couldn't be easier. Login now, from any location, with any device and get your LCAP process started today. It's that easy.


Maximize your work when establishing stakeholder engagement; creating goals and progress indicators; and identifying actions, services and expenditures for your district. More than a form, provides guiding questions, helping you create a roadmap for building a strong LCAP that closes the achievement gap.


Powerful data collection now available! syncs your LCAP and SPSA goals, strategies, and actions directly into the Progress Adviser system for easy data collection. Once LCAP and SPSA data has been collected, Progress Adviser will sync all data back into for reporting progress.

*Available to Premium and Deluxe Bundle users only.


No matter what stage of the LCAP you're at, allows you to work at your own pace, save, and pick up where you left off. Input preexisting content from other worksheets, copy/paste from any document, edit as you go, and best of all, save. All of your work is saved and archived for you to review, compare, edit, export and print - anytime, at your discretion.


Printing your LCAP doesn't have to be difficult! provides you four dynamically formatted reports to choose from, including the required LCAP Template provided by CDE, making printing your LCAP quick, easy and 100% accurate. Plus! All reports can be exported to Excel, CSV, Word or PDF formats.

Finish your LCAP on time, on purpose.